Victoria Calleja

  • Paintings

    The subtle works of a Belgian artist whose Chilean and Hispanic roots are present in her quest for existential, are best approached in the slowness of contemplation. Straight away the spectator is guided through space to the pictorial and poetic centre, transported by her rare and refined palette. Surrounding ephemeral human figures, in profile of full-face, a galaxy of cloudy traces reveal an interior world sketched with the sharpness of razor.

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  • Sculptures

    Through her sculptures the artist explores the transparency of bodies. Her materials are plastic, metal and pre-molded heads. Covering these faces in a multitude of pins or matches questions the volume hidden by light.

    The pieces are bathed in luminous energy, with scintillating auras whose specific qualities depends on the choice of materials. There is an obvious relationship to the sacred in Victoria's work and these faces might well be seen as divine portraits.

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  • Drawings

    Victoria Calleja is in search of the exact connection between the human being and his destiny to cancel the ambiguous barriers classifying the men.She continues this research in a series of water coloured elegant drawing. She present have no social status, no sex and no ethnic characteristics they represent human beings in a universal identity.

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  • Engravings

    Her work has been concentrated on images where the human figure is the central motif. Each figure is represented as if on a transparent sheet against a background charged with strictly coded signs creating a screen between the spectator and the central subject. Only by passing through this layer of signs can we finally make contact with the figure.

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  • Biography

    Victoria Calleja - Painter, sculptor and engraver

    Victoria Calleja was born in 1958, in Viña del Mar, Chile.

    She teaches drawing and painting at the Watermael-Boisfort Art Academy, (Brussels).

    She lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


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